Kolby Kirk – United States

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Why Kolby thinks he should be a Great Walker:

“I am an artist, a naturalist, and a philosopher. I see the world through these lenses. I enjoy tramping because all three of these aspects of my life come together. I have tramped over 3,500 trail miles in the last three years. I have kept written journals of my hikes and the nature found on them. I share my experiences on my website, thehikeguy.com, an ad-free website dedicated to promoting the outdoors. The Sierra Club has called me a “Modern [John] Muir.”

I feel that I should be one of your Great Walkers because I have the ability to hike the distance of the Great Walks, but also concentrate on documenting (writing/sketching/painting) each trail’s exceptional environment and the unique nature found within. The trail to me is a means of getting close to nature, not just a path to a destination.”