Stephanie Hathaway – United States

Check out Stephanie’s video entry above.

Why Stephanie thinks she should be a Great Walker:

“Those who know me tell me that New Zealand is my place. It is my dream.

I quit my job and moved to Africa on Jan 1, 2012. I climbed mountains for a month with the Peaks Foundation. I lived as the only white girl, teaching primary school in a village in Uganda, visited Rwanda, and then moved on to Thailand. I had planned on touring Southeast Asia for four months (teaching and running along the way) before heading to Australia – and my mecca – New Zealand.

My diagnosis with breast cancer in Thailand brought me home from my 1-year world tour 8 months yearly – on April 14, 2012, less than a year after my first full Ironman and 3 days after my 34th birthday. I’ve been graced with excellent doctors, an amazing village, and a fiercely strong body. I’m ecstatic to say that as of last week, I am cancer free. I am so lucky; so happy.

I’m a spirited gal, not afraid of much, and willing to try anything. With a new lease, I am ready to run free, bounding, climbing, paddling, running, riding, or back-flipping my way through this planet. I have so much to see. So much to do. So much to learn.

I am a writer at heart (see the blog:, an adventurer in spirit, and an athlete by sheer determination. I see this as an opportunity built for me to see my original plan through exactly as it should. Please – choose me.”